Drivers Are Getting the Message...Red Light Camera Update

Amarillo drivers are getting the message. Fewer of them are running red lights where cameras are installed.

The City of Amarillo's red light cameras are working. In the last four months red light citations have been declining at a steady rate.

This summer citations hit their peek with nearly two thousand a month. Now citations are totaling close to one thousand a month.

With the red light cameras in place, drivers say they are thinking twice before stepping on the gas at an intersection.

Driver Scott Summers says, "You know used to maybe I would look a little bit but now I'm more inclined just to stop."

Driver Karen Ellis says, "With them I'm probably a little bit more cautious." Driver Amy Juba says, "I usually have my children in the car so I try to be more cautious anyway. There is nothing worse than going through a green light and having someone going through the intersection."

But drivers have mixed reviews as to whether these cameras are worth the city's money.

"You know there are probably things it could better be spent on but there's not anything I can do about that," says Summers.

Ellis says, "I think they could utilize it in a different way but people are still in a hurry and they do what they want to do."

"When the public safety is at risk I think it's important just to a have a little extra reminder that there's other people on the road," says Juba.

The city says the cameras are doing exactly what they are supposed to. Community Services Director Vicki Covey says, "That's what we hoped is that fewer people would run red lights. When we started this program we really had no idea how many people were running red lights."

Covey says it is too early to tell if the cameras are preventing accidents. It will be at least another six months before the city decides if more cameras are needed around the city.