A.I.S.D. Passing Policy

More Amarillo students may be held back if they do not pass all core subjects this school year, according to A.I.S.D. school officials.

TAKS test, student success initiatives and now a new promotion policy are all ways A.I.S.D. is pushing elementary children to pass all four core subjects making students better in school and in life.

For first through fifth grade, students will have to pass language arts, reading, math, science and social studies. Principal Alex Nickson says school is not about getting by but about learning and understanding the curriculum no matter what grade level. "It's not about getting passed or promoted. It's about learning about the material that they need to know. We are focusing on what they know.. What is the gap what missing there, so we will be looking at it that way, Nickson said.

A new promotion policy requiring students to pass all courses will help students move on and become more accountable for their future. Tascosa Cluster Director, Stan Chatman says it helps with accountably for everyone, "It makes everyone accountable teachers student and give parents the lee way to go ahead and encourage their kids to... Go to tutorials and make sure they do their homework and do all those things necessary to master those skills".

Principal Nickson agrees, "The whole idea is essential to me. This policy lines up it's saying all of these areas are essential. It's not like this is negotiable and you can't get by with three out of four".

School official feel this is another useful tool to teach students the skills they need and making sure every child moves on, prepared for the challenges ahead in the next grade level.

Teachers say they see students struggle the most in third through fifth grade. They feel the new policy will help faculty zone in on students, giving them the attention they need before it's too late.