Family Moves Into New Home

It was an emotional moment for Linda and Stormy Bosell.

They just walked in to their brand new home--a gift from the entire Dalhart community.

"Looking at the house, it's just hard to believe that we have something this nice," said Stormy Bosell.

It's definitely real. And it comes with several bonuses.

"This house has no mortgage," said Mark Hanbury, member of the Hands and Feet of Christ, group that headed the makeover project. "This house has insurance and taxes taken care of for several years."

The blessings don't end there. The house came fully furnished with special additions throughout the home.

Each room has a quote or bible scripture inspired after each family member. The Dalhart Christian Academy filled their pantry and one local man built a custom piece of furniture for the Bosell's six adoptive children.

"It's all about those kids and the couple that decided to take them on and raise them and make them productive citizens," Hanbury said.

The entire transformation took about 9 months but the Bosells say some things will never change.

"The house is different, but the people that live here are the same," said Linda Bosell.