Recycling all Wrong

Dusty McGuire, Keep Amarillo Beautiful
Dusty McGuire, Keep Amarillo Beautiful

Residents who recycle may cause more harm than good if they are not educated on how to do it properly.

City Commissioners continue to mull over what we should do with recycling in Amarillo. And residents recycling methods may greatly impact that decision.

Let's talk plastics..

Recycling bins in Amarillo take number "1's" or "2's".. Those numbers represent the chemical compound since plastics are not all the same.

Throwing different numbers in bins is a big problem.

This bin takes #1's only, but someone has filled it with these plastic materials... Which are actually #7's

Dusty McGuire with Keep Amarillo Beautiful says, "That looks the same doesn't it. But you don't put this in with the number one because it's different and they have to throw this out whenever they get in."

Someone has to sort that and dispose of the other numbers and that cost. Even if it's the right number... Little things make a difference.

This is number one, but it's not rinsed out it still has soap in it contaminating this load.

McGuire says, "Remove the lid, but you don't have to remove the label from plastics."

Something you do have to remove the label on..

"Whenever you recycle tin cans you need to remove the label." McGuire says.

Why are the numbers such a big deal?

McGuire says, "you can not use a #2 to make a #1."

Good rule of thumb... #1's normally contain food products.

The 5 gallon plastic jugs we showed you... Aqua one will take those and reuse them up to 50 times.

There are also charities needing things you may not think are recyclable.