Body Found In Dumpster

A eightteen year old man is found dead in north Amarillo this afternoon. Fire marshalls responded to a dumpster fire near the 1800 block of Orange, when they arrived they opened the dumpster and found the body of Wesley Hernandez. They performed CPR but when there was no response... Potter Randall Special Crimes was called out immediately.

Investigators say the body was not badly burned and they don't believe the victim has been dead for more than a few hours. It is unclear as to why he was in the dumpster.

It does not appear to me that's he's been shot or stabbed or been the victim of a crime of violence, but it's too early in the investigation to eliminate anything.

The dumpster is directly behind the house on 1811 Orange. The family who lives there and they said they've been home since around noon and didn't hear anything or see any smoke coming from the dumpster.

An autopsy to determine the specific cause of death will be performed in Lubbock over the next few days.