Perry to become longest-serving governor

AUSTIN (AP) - Republican Rick Perry tomorrow afternoon becomes the state's longest-serving governor.

Perry filled the remainder of President George W. Bush's gubernatorial term in December 2000 and benefited from a couple of leap years along the way.

It all will add up to 2,919 days in office by midday Friday, tying the tenure of Republican Gov. Bill Clements over two different terms that were several years apart.

Those terms were separated by Democrat Mark White's single-term administration in the 1980s.

Clements was defeated by White in 1982, but then he beat White in 1986. Clements' first term ran from 1979-83, and his second term was from 1987-91.

Perry's initial swearing-in ceremony began at 3 p.m. (central time) on Dec. 21, 2000, hours after Bush resigned as governor to become president.

After finishing Bush's term, Perry won election on his own in 2002 and won re-election in 2006.

He's seeking another term in 2010.

There are no term limits for Texas governors.