About Energy SEALutions and Icynene

Energy SEALutions
Energy SEALutions is a locally-owned company and the only Icynene dealer in the area.

Energy SEALutions provides heating, air-conditioning, HVAC, home comfort, energy saving products, sales, service, repair, installation and replacement to Amarillo and the surrounding areas.

Don't compromise the quality of your home. Choose Energy SEALutions for better living.

Icynene ® is an open-celled, water blown, spray foam insulation and air barrier material that seals walls, floors and ceiling cavities against air movement, including spaces around electrical outlets and light fixtures and where walls meet windows and doors.

This means, when applied along with proper sealants for gaps between double stud joints and double sill plates etc, Icynene can provide an effective air barrier insulation to minimize air infiltration (either hot or cold) through walls & ceilings, preventing drafts, cold spots and energy loss. It also means that humid indoor/outdoor air is restricted from entering the walls & ceilings and condensing, thereby minimizing the possibility of moisture entrapment & build-up within the wall & ceiling cavities. This is conducive to preventing building envelope failure due to moisture damage.

The trained and licensed Icynene installers at Energy SEALutions will do a custom installation on the building site, ensuring a perfect fill into all sized & shaped cavities every time. Also, Icynene reduces many labor intensive jobs such as taping, caulking and any air-tightening details generally associated with conventional (air permeable) insulation products. It can shorten the construction time as well as lower the labor costs by providing both the building envelope air seal as well as insulation. By virtue of its millions of tiny inter-connected air cells and its stable chemical & physical properties, Icynene can maintain its installed R-values throughout its service life, contrary to air permeable insulation types that lose their field thermal performance over time due to the deterioration in the insulation quality (sagging & shrinking) and ongoing convective current loops within the insulation (up to 50% loss).