DTV Scams

If you do not have your digital converter box yet, buyer beware. Scam artists are creating websites that will likely pop up when you type in "digital transition" on an internet search engine.

Do not click on them. To apply for your converter box coupon, avoid an internet search and instead type into your web browser

Both and are bogus websites where scam artists are overcharging and selling products that do not work.

WTAMU Associate Professor of Broadcasting Dr. Leigh Browning says, "I think with the economy like it is people are looking for a deal. They are looking for ways to save money and absolutely we're to this susceptible through February and beyond."

Browning says the elderly and poor are the most vulnerable to scam artists.

"As far as access to the Internet, transportation to local retailers and also just money to purchase a converter box. So those are the most at risk population groups but everyone is at risk."

If you do not have internet access ask for help. "I would recommended going to a local retailer and have them assist you with getting a coupon ordered. You can have that coupon sent to a retailer. You can have it sent to a family member," says Browning.

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities require a separate application also located on www.

Also be on the lookout for newspaper ads claiming to give you a good deal. Your only safe bet is going through the government website.