Healthier Air Quality

The right insulation does for our home what our skin does for our bodies.  It can help regulate temperature, moisture and overall health.

What makes Icynene ® the right insulation?

  • Icynene ® is 100% water-blown foam insulation and does not off gas into the indoor environment.
  • Icynene ® is HFC-free: HFCs are often used as a blowing agent in other foams and are considered to be high Global Warming Potential (GWP) gases.
  • Icynene ® is a Class 1 fire rated product without the use of PBDEs. Used as flame retardants in building products, PBDEs are considered to be harmful for the health of building occupants.
  • Icynene ® is a qualified air barrier that minimizes the intrusion of outdoor allergens and pollutants. Tests have confirmed that Icynene ® is not a food source for mold.

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