Holiday Airfare Deals... Book a Flight Today!

If you're hoping to get away for the holidays, now's a great time to book a flight. Airfares are at their lowest point since September 11th. We've all heard that the early bird gets the worm, but in this case, the procrastinator might get the cheaper flight. Airfare is at it's lowest point in nearly a decade, because holiday travel is at one of it's lowest points as well. Travel is expected to be down by 10% from last year. Airlines are slashing fares to fill empty seats.

If you're looking to get away this weekend, you can go to Clearwater, Florida for $319 a person - that includes round trip airfare and hotel. The catch... The flight leaves from Dallas, as do many of the best airfare deals out there. But you can fly from Amarillo to Dallas on Southwest Airlines for just $80 each way.

When booking flights, you can save money by flying into smaller cities near your big city destination. Say you are planning a trip to Boston. Flying into Providence, Rhode Island, an hour drive from Boston, will cost you $749. A flight directly into Boston will cost you $1088. The folks we spoke with at say airfares are expected to be so cheap in the coming months that you might actually save money by canceling a previously booked flight and making new reservations. Most airlines charge a cancellation fee between $100 and $200, but in many cases, you'll save more than that so it's worth it. You will save the most money if you're very flexible on dates, and don't mind traveling on holidays. Christmas and New Years Day typically have the lowest fares.

Here are some of the websites we used to find the lowest fares: