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Weathering The Cold Temperatures

Corporal Wes Hill, APD Corporal Wes Hill, APD
Doctor Elaine Cook Doctor Elaine Cook

Very cold weather is expected to hit us this weekend. Once the cold temperatures hit most of us bundle up and do what we can to protect ourselves from frigid temps. A vital way to fight the elements could be in simple moisturizing cream and clothing, which is helping an unlikely group that is exposed to the elements everyday.

Doctor Elaine Cook says as the temperature drops, the amount of clients with weather related exposure goes up.  "A lot of the guys who work outside get basically mild frostbite but repeatedly and we see it the most on the ears," Dr. Cook said.

The ones braving cold temperatures are construction, utility workers and police. Corporal Wes Hill says working in the cold is nothing nice but like him and all the others braving the elements... They have a job to do. "Some days are pretty miserable like 15 degrees for the high.  I've heard from some other guys...they had some hypothermia issues but not me,"Cpl. Hill explains.

Doctor Cook says the best way to combat the cold weather is using moisturizing cream not lotion. Cpl Hill says several layers are best way to protect the skin, "The weather affects everyone differently.   We are wearing so many clothes it's a little difficult to maneuver the motorcycle we have to wear big bulky gloves its kind of hard to control things".

Controlling the cold temperatures through moisturizing and layering can prevent problems like Hypothermia and Frost-bite happening to you this winter season.

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