Drug Violations Up in AISD

Liaison Officer David Hagler
Liaison Officer David Hagler
Dr. Gary Angell, District Cluster Director
Dr. Gary Angell, District Cluster Director

Drug incidents have spiked in the Amarillo independent school district in the last year. Forty-nine more drug violations occurred this year compared to last.

The district says it will use federal grants to reduce the prevalence of drugs on campus this school year. More students may be bringing drugs to school, but a liaison officer says the spike in incidents is because mores students are reporting drug violations.

Liaison Officer David Hagler says, "This year we've had a number of students come to us with different violations, not just narcotics, any violation they see on campus."

District cluster director Dr. Gary Angell says, says he expects drug violations to decrease this year with the use of a drug sniffing dog.

"She's found a few things but no hard drugs. She's found a few prescriptions, and some tobacco which again is also illegal. We really don't want to catch kids but we're hoping this will stop them from bringing them to school."

Hagler says liaison officers will meet find the best way to address the report. "Obviously we want the numbers lower every year, that is our goal. The numbers that are higher we will sit down and we will target those areas. "

Hagler says the Student CrimeStoppers anonymous tip line is still the districts best weapon in catching violations.

The good news is alcohol violations are down. Angell says it is because students are finding it more difficult to hide.

But he says alcohol use among teens is still a large problem our community must address.