Area After School Program Cutbacks

The economy is forcing many after school programs to close their doors. In our area, three programs will soon join them.

The Mavericks Club in Amarillo says they need to cut programs at Will Rodgers Elementary, San Jacinto Elementary and Humphrey's Highland Elementary School.

Some say this could spell danger for hundreds of children in our area.

"After school is the most at risk time for children because there is not a lot of parental supervision," said Debbie Wright, Chief Executive Officer for the Amarillo YMCA chapter. "So we really feel like a child needs to be in some type of after school program."

The YMCA has not seen a decrease in the number of students that attend their programs. Instead, Wright says there are new faces in their classrooms. More children are attending with help from Panhandle Workforce Solutions.

"We have funding available at this time. There is absolutely no wait list," said Frances Garcia, Child Care Program Manager at Panhandle Workforce Solutions.

The amount of financial assistance is based on income. In some cases, Garcia says parents could send their child to these programs with little to no cost.

There are several requirements you need to meet in order to receive funding.

Contact Panhandle Workforce Solutions at (806) 372-2836 or visit their website to find out if you qualify.