"What It Takes: The Amarillo Police Academy" - The Final Episode

Blood, sweat and tears..

For the past six months cadets have devoted their physical and mental states to become police officers..

And now they cross the finish line. Thousands have come before them, and the accomplishment these 23 new officers feel resonates with those who know the family atmosphere the academy can bring.

Sgt. Strecia McCaig with the Police Department says, "It's a good day, I am excited for all 23 of these new officers, because this is something, as you know, they have work so hard to obtain. Of course having been their first Sergeant at the Police Department I will always worry about them a little bit."

Badges pinned on... They are ready for work... And for some the jump to the streets is just hours after the ceremony.

Sgt. McCaig says, "It's a very quick transition, about a 1/3 of the class goes to midnight shift and some of them will begin tonight."

They won't be alone... The next four months will be spent with training officers to transition these 22 men and one woman.

"FTO program basically teaches them how to take that knowledge and turn it into real life practice."

The next group of cadets will hit the Police Department halls in just two weeks... And now they know what it takes to make it through.

A big congratulations to the new officers, and thanks for letting us come along.

We also need to thank Captain Funtek and Sgt. McCaig for all their help and patience over the last six months with the cadets and us.

Follow the new recruits as they find out what it takes to make it through the Amarillo Police Academy