Bail Jumpers: Luis Garcia & Thuan Nguyen

Aggravated robbery and drug possession charges have an Amarillo man running between counties.

Thuan Robert Nguyen is wanted by Potter County and Deaf Smith Sheriff's. Police and bond agents are hoping you can help take Thuan Nguyen off the streets in two counties. Bond Agent Ron Green is joining that search, "Mr. Nguyen is wanted out of Potter county on two possession of controlled substance charges and he's wanted out of Deaf Smith aggravated robbery probation violation," Green said.

Green says authorities would work with Nguyen if he does the responsible thing and turns himself in. "If he'll pull his head out of his backside and go turn himself in say I know I got warrants and man up that looks good to the judges the prosecutors they wanna get this taken care of as much as anyone else," Green explains.

Another suspect bond agents are looking to take off the streets as well is 24 year old Luis Garcia. Not for his misdemeanor charges but his history police say of drug trafficking. "Anybody that sells drugs is a threat. There going to sell drugs to kids there going to sell drugs to whoever they can to sell them to.. Their buyer," Green said.

Leaving authorities and agents relying on the community to call in on these accused drug dealers traveling in our area. Bond agents say if you have any information that leads to this evening's bail jumpers, you can remain anonymous and earn a reward.

For Thuan Nguyen call Bail Bonds by Judy at 376-8562 and for Garcia call AllState Bail Bonds at 379-6699.