Don't Miss These Holiday Shipping Deadlines!

More than 930 million packages are expected to go through Post Offices across America on December 15th. It's the nation's busiest shipping day. There are only ten days left until Christmas, and if you think you're running out of time to shop, you're really running out of time to ship. December 15th is as big as it gets for holiday shipping. More packages will be wrapped, sorted, and shipped than on any other day of the year. Close to one million letters and packages will go through the Amarillo Post Office on December 15th. On an average day they see around 800,000. This year it's easier than ever before to ship your Christmas package.

If you want to ship packages without ever leaving your house. Go to and go to the Click and Ship section. You can print mailing labels, purchase postage with a credit card, and then you can request that your carrier pick up your package the next morning.

You can skip the long lines by using the Post Office's Automated Postal Center. There are automated centers in the lobbies of the Main Office, the Lone Star station and the Jordan station. They are open 24 hours a day and allow you to do everything you need to mail your package... just make sure you bring your credit or debit card with you.

By printing off mailing labels at, you can save 8-12% off the shipping cost. Print off everything you need at home and then bring it in to the store to ship.

Thursday, December 18th is Free Shipping Day. More than 100 online retailers are participating. If you order something online on December 18th, you won't pay a penny in shipping costs, and it's guaranteed to arrive at its destination by Christmas. You can go to

Make sure your gifts arrive by Christmas!

Holiday Shipping Deadlines:

U.S. Postal Service
Ground: December 16
Priority Mail: December 20
Express Mail: December 23

Ground: December 17
Two Day: December 22
Overnight: December 23 

Three Day: December 19
Express: December 22
Next Day Air: December 23