Double Dipping Into Charities

Thousands of people in need are looking for assistance to help during hard times, but some are taking advantage of the charity that is out there.

Amarillo organizations have banded together forming the "Christmas Coalition" in an effort to make sure everyone in need gets the help they deserve. When the holidays are over they rely on another system to cross check their clients to make sure no one is taking advantage of the hand outs.

Thousands are making their way to charitable organizations across the Panhandle, but some say all the giving comes at a cost. Major Tim Grider with the Salvation Army, says there are plenty of preventative measure to make sure everyone in need receives a fair amount of assistance. "Those who are coming to us going to the others that are not involved and there is that manipulation that opportunity for double dipping," Major Grider said.

Area agencies are doing what they can implementing a cross check system called HMIS, "Human Management Information System, for us it helps us type in each and every person who comes to us for any type of information of any kind," Major Grider explains.

This method helps aid agencies ensure your donation is going to a deserving person in need.

Cornerstone Outreach Director, Joe Kirkwood says it is not uncommon for people to come from all over the Panhandle seeking out assistance. "There is an abundance of help here in Amarillo because of that we do have to be careful and we have to wisely use the finances," he said.

There is close to a dozen organizations involved in the "Christmas Coalition". Organizers say ay if some one has received more then their a lotted amount of assistance, they will limit their assistance.

These efforts are making sure, no matter what organization needy families utilize... there is enough assistance for those who need help now and for those in the future.