Gastric Bypass Surgery: Benefits and Risks

Jina Hunt looks back at old pictures of herself and still sees the same person.

She says, "I never thought I was overweight. And it wasn't until I walked down the hallway and it was like, 'oh, I can't breathe'."

With her health on the line, Hunt decided to act.

Dr. Rouzbeh Kordestani says, "It's a trend now, that people are trying to get healthier and get their bodies back in shape. They are going through and getting these gastric bypasses, especially those who are not successful in the gym."

For Hunt, just the few steps that it would take to get out of her door and into her driveway, began to weigh heavily on her health and emotions.

She says, "I thought physically, that I was having a heart attack or that something was wrong with me. And it was because I was 595 pounds."

After surgery, Hunt lost more than 300 pounds.

She says, "I've noticed a big difference in breathing, in how I move, being able to exercise. And that in itself is wild because I could never walk that far before."

But her journey is not over yet.  The gastric bypass surgery left an excess amount of skin on her body that requires an additional surgery.  From there, she has a long road to recovery.

Dr. Kordestani says, "The usual patient that goes through gastric bypass usually takes about three to four weeks sometimes as late as 8 weeks. Jina again is an extreme example, so I figure that she is going to be at the higher end of recovery."

A recovery that for Hunt means a healthier future.