Amarillo National Bank Text Messaging Scam

Thousand of dollars have already been stolen from area residents... And police say if you're not careful, you could be the next victim.

Text messages are being sent out that are supposedly from Amarillo National Bank, asking you for your account number. "It's believable." Last night, Jennifer Smith received this text message on her cell phone. "I actually called it back and heard the recording." ANB Fraud Investigator Jerry Ivy says, "They'll ask you for you account number and the number on the back of your card." If you release that information, you're opening up your wallet. "They're using that to make cards and we've caught them using them in New York City and Chicago."

So far, the numbers have been untraceable, but authorities have a general idea of where the messages originate. Amarillo Police's Cpl. Jerry Neufeld says, "We believe they're coming from outside the US. We have reason to think they're coming from Europe." So far though, there's one thing linking all of the message recipients - They are all Sprint customers. Jennifer didn't give away her account number because she's not an Amarillo National Bank customer, but had it come from her bank... "I probably would have put in my bank number." But after hearing about the scam, she says she won't give any information over the phone.

Amarillo National Bank says you shouldn't either. "If we contact you we will already have your information so if we call you we will not need you to give us the information." The FBI is working closely with Amarillo Police to find out who is sending these messages. If you have had any money stolen, you are asked to call Amarillo National Bank at 378-8151 or Amarillo Police at 378-3038.