New Evidence in Michael Dick Death

Controversy over what killed Michael Dick, the man who died in the Potter County Detention Center in July. Two autopsies were done. One by the state and the other by a private medical examiner hired by the family's lawyers. They both agree Michael died from peritonitus, which is a severe ulcer, but as for what caused that ulcer... They both have very different answers.

Dick family lawyer Chris Hoffman says, "It's clear to me which one is more thorough. It's clear to me which one is more documented. And it's clear to me which one of them is right." The private autopsy says Dick's ulcer was caused by blunt force trauma that occurred several days prior to his death, which lawyers Jeff Blackburn and Chris Hoffman maintain happened at the hands of jail employees.

Potter County Attorney Scott Brumley says, "It's in our interest to find out what went wrong, if anything and if something did go wrong, address it and make sure it doesn't happen again." The autopsy done by the state says the ulcer was caused by a pre-existing condition, and not by wrong doing at the jail.

Blackburn says, "Government pathologists are often crooked. They often lie in a way that suits the government." So, the only question left is... Which autopsy is correct? Potter County Justice of the Peace Debbie Horn is "going to hold an inquest investigation. I'm going to consult with a third pathologist."

The day to day actions of jail employees are being called into question as well... Family lawyers say some of them didn't check on Michael as often as they said they did. NewsChannel 10 asked Brumley if documents were falsified. His answer...."The Sheriff determined after looking into it were not accurately filled out. You can call it falsified if you want to. I don't agree there was evidence of intentional falsifications like to cover something up." The two autopsies, and the small number of tissue slides, are all the third pathologist will have to go on. Michael's body has been cremated, so a third autopsy is out of the question.