Key to Your Car Being Stolen

Every 29 seconds a car is stolen in the U.S. and there are 10 cars that lead the pack..

And the thing that unites them may put you in the same category too.

Keys like this one are laser cut keys.. And while they are expensive for the consumer they are a big deterrent for thieves.

These are the most stolen cars for this year.. And they have one thing in common, that your car may have too.

A non laser cut key.

John Johnson with Ryan O'Neal Autos says, "You can only get it cut at the dealership, you can't get it cut anywhere else."

This Cadillac Escalade is about 60 thousand dollars brand new... But it comes with a simple little key that would cost about 8 to 10 dollars to get remade. This key is a laser cut key and depending on the car it can cost you anywhere from 80 to 1200 dollars depending on the model, to get made and it keeps thieves from getting in as easily. The only problem is it goes to this Honda Civic which is about 40 thousand dollars cheaper than the Escalade.

"Honda was the number one stolen car until this they came out with this key." Johnson says.

Another key that can cause a problem... These valet keys.

You may not even know you have one. They are left in your owners manual and if you have a newer, high line vehicle. You probably do have one.

"A lot of people don't know they just think it is just to open the car but it really does start the car, run the car, and you can take off with it." Johnson says.

Just what thieves are looking for when they break into pricey rides.

Johnson says most thieves are looking for after market products... Such as stereos or flat screens... Or they are just wanting the car to sell for parts.

The cold weather means more people will be heating up their cars before they are ready to go..

Johnson says it's worth it to get a remote start... Because your keys are with you and the motor shuts off when you press the brake, requiring the key to restart the car.