More People Keeping Careers Instead of Looking

A shaky job market has more local employees sticking with their current career instead of searching out bigger bonuses and better job changes.

Close to half of the people employed throughout the country are saying "no thanks" to prospective job offers and are staying loyal to their employers.  That trend is catching on here in Amarillo helping others find more opportunities in the job market.

Jim Johnson has seen the job trends go up and down through out his career in marketing.  He says it is safer to stick with the job he has at "Welcome Pardner".  "There's always problems no matter what time it is. I don't know if now is worse than any other time. It's always kind of risky going out and looking, " he explains the dilemma in seeking a new job.

That decision is helping others open doors for better employment opportunities in Amarillo.   Chamber of Commerce C.E.O., Gary Molberg said there are options for people in the Panhandle, "A wide variety of jobs to college degree job to trade job to jobs they'll train on the job site so there's something for anyone out there."

Molberg says the average career retention is going up from 3 to 5 years due to job satisfaction and the many people don't want to face the risk searching for a new job. A few reasons Johnson says he won't change careers any time soon. "It is better to hang on to something it's.. Instead of searching around looking for other things," Johnsons said.

There was a slight increase in the employment rate for Amarillo, 3 months ago we were at 2.5%.  We have gone up one percent to 3.5, that is far below the national average which is close to 7%.   Which is giving job seekers, more variety and opportunity, keeping our employment rate lower than the state average of 6 percent.