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Salvation Army in Trouble

Allen Marquez Allen Marquez
Salvation Army Employee Terry Wilson Salvation Army Employee Terry Wilson
Major Tim Grider Major Tim Grider

More people than ever needing help and less people donating items... The Salvation Army is now facing a new set of challenges.

The Salvation Army has dealt with some rough patches before, but they say they never expected it to get this bad. This is Allen Marquez's second time donating to Salvation Army. "Baby clothes, kids clothes."

With the economy the way it is, people like Marquez are getting harder and harder to come by. Salvation Army Employee Terry Wilson says, "If we don't start getting more clothes in, this pile looks big but it's gonna be gone in about a week."

"We're turning people away." Major Tim Grider says it's never been this difficult to assist the very people the Salvation Army is designed to help. "Clothing, furniture, these are items that we use to give to clients, those who are in need. We don't have that either, so it's affecting that especially."

Just a few months ago, 13 to 14 people dropped off donations every day, but now just three or four, sometimes even less. Grider fears it might only get worse. "This is kinda weird for us in the non profit world to see the profit world asking for help. That's concerns us."

That's partly because those businesses asking for help are the ones who used to give financial support. Without that money, certain programs like social services and church functions are suffering. "Youth programs and our adult programs. That's where we've really had to be careful."

The items they're in the most need of... Clothes, furniture and mattresses. If you would like to donate, the Salvation Army store in Amarillo is located at 1211 SE 27th Avenue. They are open Monday through Saturday until 6pm.

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