What It Takes: The Amarillo Police Academy - Taser Episode

It is a five second ride that can feel like an eternity. Being tased contracts muscles and temporarily disables a person. The video speaks for itself.

Cadet Tollerson says, "No I didn't scream like a little girl... But I did scream."

Cpl. Sam Martinez says, "It's painful to the body, it causes uncontrollable muscle contractions to the body. Which is what we are looking for because what we want is, taser creates more than just pain compliance, it creates the incapacitation of the body, where it can move."

While most of the cadets had reactions with screams.. some proved that they could fire a weapon, or go after one while still getting tased.

The farther away the probes... The more room the current has to flow.

We have watched them go through painful situations from a comfortable view on the sidelines, but when challenged, NewsChannel 10 stepped up and took the shock.

Though it took Alex a while to get up the courage.

Watch your favorite cadet take a tase by clicking on the Raw Footage link above.

It's almost over.. Next week they will cross over to officers... And we will take a look back.