AISD Opens Community Based Pre-K

Big changes are coming to Amarillo ISD's pre-kindergarten program. We first told you about legislative funding efforts that could change the way the Texas pre-k system works last week. And now, AISD is doing some changing of their own, making pre-k available to all children.

As it stands now, in order to be eligible for AISD pre-k a child has to qualify for free or reduced lunch, be homeless, unable to speak English or have parents in the military. Starting on January fifth, that's all changing.

Early Childhood Program Director Cristy Wilkinson says, "we're excited about expanding our pre-k community based partnerships with Children's Learning Centers. We're adding two new locations at Pavillard and McClellan. These two classrooms we'll be able to enroll children, up to 44 children, three and four year olds who are not eligible."

That means any child, regardless of economic status, can apply for AISD pre-k.