Lifestar Trains Emergency Workers

In order to keep the entire panhandle region safer, about 100 emergency responders met in Amarillo today to train with an air ambulance.

With a range of 150 miles lifestar covers five states.

And they say that no matter where they land to pick up a patient it takes a team to keep people alive.

Today they trained firefighters, EMS, and paramedics from all over the Panhandle.

Because while Lifestar services the entire Panhandle, it's usually the volunteer crews on the ground responsible for everyone's safety.

And today's training stressed education and teamwork.

"Most of the people we go in contact with are volunteers so it's hard for volunteers to go in and get constant education," said Lifestar Program Coordinator P.J. Lemons.

"It's our goal to make it safer for us as a flight crew and the guys on the ground. So we can get the patient safely where they need to be," said Richard Krell a pilot with Lifestar.

The training today included specifications on landing zones and how to load patients safely into the aircraft.

To show you how important this training is, the crew went on three calls before one in the afternoon.

To Borger, Fritch, and Wellington.