Improving Life Through Sight

Donated prescription eye glasses are helping local residents to improve their quality of life. Since September the Amarillo Downtown Lions Club has been examining the eyes of indigent and homeless adults.

The Lions Club says it hopes the prescription glasses will allow many people to get their life back on track.

Until now seeing clearly has been a difficult struggle Daren Stroth and Freddy Briscoe.

"It's just been a disappointment you know but now I'll be able to see so it'll lift my spirits," says Stroth.

Briscoe says, "So I could see better so I could read the Bible. I couldn't read it before. Well I could read it but it was a battle. "

Both men say they can not wait to start using their glasses.  Stroth says,"You know it will just make my everyday life much easier."

"Cause when you put them on and your start seeing words that used to be in a blur and it seemed you had to fight your way through and now you can read a sentence twice as fast," says Briscoe.

Lions Club Indigent Eye Glass Program Chairman Glenn Runion says creating this program is the fulfillment of a dream.

"For years we collected eye glasses, they went to the processing center in Midland and they always go down there and they don't come back. Well, they couldn't come back because we couldn't suspense them."

Examination equipment has been donated to the club and two volunteer optometrists perform the testing.

The club is always looking for used glasses, volunteer optometrists, and optical equipment.

To reach the Amarillo Downtown Lions Club call 373-0648.