Pre-K Funding Could Be Changing

State Senator Kel Seliger
State Senator Kel Seliger

The Texas Education Agency is taking steps to re-distribute funding for the state's Pre-K system, and your child's education could be affected.

As of January second, Texas' Pre-K grant program is expected to undergo drastic funding changes. Hundreds of pre-school classes across the state might look very different in just a few months. That's because several full day programs  could lose some of their funding under the new Pre-K grant. It's all part of an effort to spread the wealth among all the state's pre-k programs, which means taking money from fully funded programs and giving it to programs who have never received money before.

State Senator Kel Seliger says, "Pre-K is valuable. It's valuable in the education process of young people and it's valuable in communities." Which is exactly why there's a bi-partisan legislative effort to give $600 million back to high performing schools which would be losing money when the grant changes. Seliger says, "There has to be some definition to what is a high performing school district. Are all those high performing districts in areas that are wealthy school districts or urban districts?"

He says while the legislators have the right idea, there are still some kinks that need to be worked out. "It's not the idea or philosophy behind this bill that constitutes a problem. It is the availability of funding as it goes forward. This is a money bill,not a concept bill." Members of both the House and Senate have pre-filed bills to allocate these funds. It will be voted on when the legislature meets in January.