Congressman and Illegals Discuss Problems with Immigration Process

Illegal immigrants simply looking for the American dream claim the process to come to the United States legally is so cumbersome their only recourse is to sneak across the border.

Following 9-11 America's melting pot has had a pretty tight lid for some..

And illegals NewsChannel 10 spoke with say it is the difficult process that caused them to take a chance.

One illegal told us, "I traveled so I could help my family, it wasn't very easy for me to go through the embassy in Guatemala. So it cost me a little bit less to travel this way."

There are limitations on how many people can come from a country... And in some cases it causes those looking for the American dream to wait years..

Something a U.S. Congressman from our area says needs to be revisited by legislators.

Congressman Mac Thornberry says, "I think it makes perfect sense to continually look at the number of people and the different categories we have for people to come here legally, but we also need to make sure that anyone who comes here legally, there is a faster efficient process to go through so they don't have this endless, years some times of waiting."

The process is also expensive.. But getting across the border on your own isn't cheap either.

Another illegal says, "I paid 2,000 quetzales to get form Guatemala to Phoenix. And in Phoenix I paid 39,000 quetzales or 6 thousand dollars."

Wednesday we showed you how illegals threaten your safety through crime, traffic accidents, and disease.

Thornberry says that has to stop as part of immigration reform.

"Our country must be able to control who and what comes across it's borders. Part of the answer or the solution to immigration is to control our borders, part of the answer is to improve the processes that people go through to come here legally, and I think you have got to do those two things before you reach even some of the harder decisions about what do you do with the folks who are already here illegally."

Both of the women we spoke with were trying to get into the country for the first time.

They were headed to New York and New Jersey.

The country has made major improvements on the border, and border patrol agents say the organization as a whole is picking up more repeat offenders... Proving most of these people don't give up after one try.