Seller Beware

Larry Hamilton
Larry Hamilton
Corporal Jerry Neufeld, APD
Corporal Jerry Neufeld, APD

Seller beware. If you are selling items for extra cash be on alert for scam artists. Pretending to buy an item using fraudulent money orders and cashier's checks are the top ways scam artists are stealing money.

The Amarillo Police Department says they receive three to four calls a month from sellers who are being scammed out of thousands of dollars. The Hamilton family placed an ad to sell their animals.

Larry Hamilton says he received a call from a TTY operator saying their client wanted to buy the animals using a money order. He says, "You know it all just fell in place like it was legit. "

The Hamilton's cashed the money order worth more than two thousand dollars and sent the remaining funds back to the buyer.

Now their bank says they need to come up with the money.  Hamilton says, "It's very irritating, very stressful, it's one of those deals, if I could get my hands on him."

The Amarillo Police Department says you should always verify money orders before cashing them.

Corporal Jerry Neufeld says, "The only way you are gonna know is call the bank, that bank not your bank because your bank is just going to process it. They are going to deposit it and if the funds come back as not sufficient then you are going to get a call from your bank saying you need to put more money in."

Hamilton says he will never post an ad again. Another red flag is requests from people out of state or out of the country.

Neufeld says to keep sales local and use cash when in doubt.