Medicare Changes...Are You Ready?

Karen McDaniel, Medicare Recipient
Karen McDaniel, Medicare Recipient
Horace Melton, Insurance Placement Specialists, Inc.
Horace Melton, Insurance Placement Specialists, Inc.

Medicare recipients need to act now. Your Part "D" premium may increase by close to 50% this January.

Because of the expected rate increases, insurance advisors are now urging recipients to review their current prescription drug or "Medicare Part D" plan.

Medicare recipient Karen McDaniel and her sister are working through the task of changing both of their plans as well as their parent's plans.

"It's frustrating, " she says, "It's confusing and hopefully I make the right decisions for them."

And while it is confusing for her, McDaniel says it would be impossible for her 95-year-old parents to choose a plan on their own.

"They don't understand, they wouldn't understand, they can't understand."

There are many seniors in the same boat as the McDaniels. Advisor Horace Melton of the Insurance Placement Specialists, Inc. says, "The main question on the Part D, the drug program is my drug covered? And that's something that every company's formulary...list of drugs they provide coverage for does vary so you want to make sure your particular drug is covered ."

Melton says if you are worried about the higher premiums look into other government assistance. "You know there is a program out there I feel for each person's needs and will pretty well fit their budget."

If you have access to the internet visit for more health plan information.

For personal assistance in choosing a plan, visit your pharmacy or attend the Amarillo Senior Center's "Medicare and You" seminar December 10th.

For more information call 374-5500.

The open enrollment period ends December 31st.