Have You Seen This? Drug Paraphernalia

It is getting easier for teenagers to hide drugs by using what appear to be common items. At first glance this appears to be a popular energy drink... But take a closer look.

It is actually a storage place for drugs like marijuana or cocaine. Would this can fool you? We showed items like this to local parents today to get their reactions.

Cans of Red Bull, sandals, belts, and items that look like Legos are some of the newest ways to hide drugs.

And your kids do not have to go anywhere out of the ordinary to find these items. The AISD Drug and Alcohol Grant director the paraphernalia is legal until used with an illegal substance.

While our experiment had a surprise factor there were mixed reviews. We asked if parents would think twice if their child owned one of these items...

Probably not unless I saw them do what I just did..."  "I think I'll take a closer look at the items in my teenagers rooms."

These items are just the newest we have found in Amarillo.

Students have been caught with high liters and lipstick tubes that serve as storage places.

Huntley is holding an informational meeting about the paraphernalia for parents in January. You are also invited to meet Huntley at her office to take a look at these items yourself.

You can contact her at 326-1339 or e-mail melynn.huntley@amaisd.org