"What It Takes: The Amarillo Police Academy" - Episode 19

Cadet Howard
Cadet Howard
Cadet Graham
Cadet Graham

While it is still up in the air whether you will get out of your red light ticket... If you get one by an officer you will probably have to pay it.

Cadets have to learn how to issue one, and see for themselves the dangers of doing so.

The week started fairly easy.. But the test for cadets in the end was anything but.

"We haven't heard any squills or scretches. It makes it a good day when we get out here and we don't have a bunch of people sliding to a halt." Officer Roberts says about cadets directing traffic.

It's a pain for you and me... But directing traffic is an essential skill..

So think about it the next time you yell "Can we go yet?" at an officer.

They went from simple rules... To simply not knowing what will come next.

These officers are working traffic stops..

And the drivers, who are instructors acting, could be cooperative, or not.

The other unknown... Whether the rules will change in the middle.

This officer has come to the vehicle, and now is going back to run the drivers information and write a ticket.

But while he is gone... Instructors suddenly pull out a gun and place it where it can barely be seen, in the center of the dashboard.

Keep in mind, this officer has already taken a good look around the vehicle when he approached..

And the gun wasn't there then.

If he see's it... He should pull is weapon.