Red Light Tickets Could Be Null and Void

If you have ever paid a red light camera ticket in Texas, you could be getting your money back. The legitimacy of the cameras is being called into question.

We know the drill.... If any driver runs a red light, a camera will flash, and in a few weeks the car's owner will receive a ticket in the mail. But, thanks to a federal lawsuit, those drivers might not receive a ticket at all... And those who already have, could get their money back. When Nicholas Perry walked to his mailbox a few months ago, the last thing he expected to find was a red light ticket. "First off I was surprised because I didn't even know I ran the light, then I was angry." Angry he now had to pay a hefty fine. "I had to pay the courts like $107."

Perry could soon be 107 dollars richer, if Dallas Attorney Lloyd Ward has anything to say about it. He recently filed a federal class action lawsuit against ATS, the company that controls Amarillo's red light cameras, saying their job description... "Operate the cameras, gather all of the physical evidence to present to the city for prosecution of the violation," violates Texas law. "In order to do that type of work you have to have a private investigator's license, and we found out they didn't have one." We checked online and sure enough, we couldn't find an evidence of a private investigator's license either.

A District Court Judge agrees with Ward, saying the company is operating illegally and should have to refund all fines they collected. As for the lawsuit, ATS has one month to officially respond, but did give NewsChannel 10 this statement. "We believe this case is without merit and are reviewing it closely. ATS is in the process of hiring local legal counsel and will work closely with our partners and appropriate next steps to ensure this case is quickly dismissed." Don't expect a check in the mail anytime soon... If ever. Once the company responds, the court expects several appeals.