Bail Jumpers: Vanessa Carrillo & Thuy Nguyen

A habit for writing hot checks has authorities across the Panhandle searching for two woman accused of theft by check.

An Amarillo bond agent is willing to pay you some extra Christmas cash for information leading to the arrest of two local women that he says is funding a drug habit and going on shopping spree, both using hot checks.

Ron green is working to bring 23-year-old Thuy Nguyen, who is charged with writing thousands of dollars in bad checks in Potter and Randall county. "She's doing the same thing writing hot checks. All of her friends say she is way out there smoking that meth. She is strung out all the time," Green said.  He says time is ticking to bring Nguyen into custody. Green is offering a reward for information on Nguyen's where abouts, "It's close it's getting down to the nitty gritty on her and if somebody sees her.. . Call us we'll get her picked up giver them a reward , Green offers".

Another suspect accused of going on a shopping spree at your expense is Vanessa Carrillo. "She's just one of those people who can't quit writing hot checks doesn't think that's stealing.that's the wrong way to buy something you can't pay for it it's stealing whether you wrote a hot check or not, " Green said.

Green has invested over $3,000 searching for Carrillo and Nguyen and wants to prevent anyone else from being stuck with the bill from these women.

We have new information on one of our first Bail Jumpers we showed you back in July. Pete Joseph Torres who is accused of DWI, assault and burglary, has been located. Information from viewers led authorities to Albuquerque, New Mexico where Torres was in jail on other charges.

Torres is in the process of being brought back to court in Amarillo. Your tips have helped catch close to half of the bail jumpers we've featured on NewsChannel 10, proving your tips can help.

If you have any information Vanessa Carrillo or Thuy Nguyen call Allsate Bail Bonds at (806) 379-6699. Any information you give bond agents can remain anonymous.

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