Thieves Look for Goods Left in Cars

If black Friday left you heading back to your car often to drop off bags... Consider yourself lucky if they were there when you got back.

Thieves are on the look out for a quick way to score your holiday gifts. Take a look at what we found in cars at a crowded parking lot in Amarillo.

Cpl. Jerry Neufeld with the Amarillo Police Department is along to help search.

"How about deposit slips. Here is you maybe two purses and I'd be willing to bet probably a laptop. It may not be." Alex Tomlin says, "But it is worth it" "You bet" Cpl. Neufeld says.

We even saw shoppers putting bags in the car and then heading inside the mall.

Heath Atherley says, "I guess there is crime rate, but I hope I wouldn't have to worry about that."

Atherley says, with a hatchback car, he doesn't have many options.

"I am concerned all the time about theft." Alex says, "But not enough to take the gifts out? Atherley says, "No, where am I going to put it?"

Theives have an easier time in crowded parking lots because of more cover.

Cpl. Neufeld says, "The farther you are from the stores the more at risk you are going to be."

And if you leave your windows cracked they can pretend the car is theirs and they locked the keys inside.

"We have been walking around here, looking around and nobody has said anything to us or asked, what's going on, everything alright?" Cpl. Neufeld says.

Cpl. Neufeld says if you want to drop off a load of shopping bags and continue buying gifts... Put the bags in your trunk, get inside your car and drive around the store and park somewhere else.

This way you won't be a target for thieves watching for drop offs.