Shopper-Friendly Web Sites

If you did not make it to the stores for black Friday deals today, you still have a chance to land those deals from your home. The downward spiral the economy has taken has many of us cutting back, even on the gifts we're buying for the people we love.

So, here are a slew of sites that should take you to the best deal. has a category bank on its homepage. Click the category you want, then the store you want, and coupons pop up that you can use online or in the store.

For those of you turned off of online shopping because of shipping costs, check out  It has a "Free Shipping" tab that will take you to thousands of products that will be shipped to you, minus the shipping cost.

If you want to compare product prices, go to  Say you want a camera.  Click on that category and the site gives you several options with the prices listed so you can pick the best one.

But if you think there might be an even better deal, go to  There, you can enter the name of a product, the webpage where you found it, and the price.  Click "Beat That" and if a better price exists, it will pull it up for you.

Other sites we looked at are: