Black Friday Brings Mixed Sales Results

Jeremy Lunsford, Best Buy
Jeremy Lunsford, Best Buy

The economy shaped their expectations, now store managers are hoping shoppers will still spend this holiday season.

Backed up parking lots and long lines in most stores has lead to mixed sales results so far.

With out any big hot items this year, stores are left to fend for themselves.

The shopping season has begun and some stores are maintaining their goals, while others have already exceeded expectations.

"We definitely take the economic condition into consideration and we made out forecast accordingly," said Kavita Patel, the leader at Target.

"You're always worried with the way the economy is now. Definitely above expectations as far as customer flow," said Joe Larra, the manager at Circuit City.

Electronics are driving people to the stores more than any other products.

"Big items, electronics, the Wii, have been selling really fast," said Patel.

"It's all over the store. Lots of people in for TV's, gaming systems, digital cameras, cam corders, definitely laptops and computers are a popular item," said Larra.

Other stores have not been so lucky.

We saw the longest lines at Kohl's but the manager there told us they were struggling to meet sales expectations.

But then again, places like Best Buy have had shoppers camped out for days.

"We've done exactly what we expected to do. Lot of people out here. It's a good time and crazy," said Jeremy Lunsford, the sales manager at Best Buy.

The biggest sales are TV's.

Managers point to the February digital switchover as a reason people are coming in to buy new TV's.

"The company's done a really good job with TV's stocking us really deep."

While it's been busy at many stores, some expect traffic to remain high until Christmas eve.