India Attacks-US Prayer


Prayers in US follow terror attacks in India


UNDATED (AP) _ Indian-American and Hindu communities across the

U.S. are trying to understand the rash of violence in India's

financial capital.

Some tried to find solace in prayer. New York City Mayor Michael

Bloomberg joined worshippers at the Hindu Temple Society of North

America in Queens for a service to honor the dead and injured.

He said, ``As New Yorkers, we know the toll that terrorism takes

all too well.''

The Durga Temple, a large Hindu temple in northern Virginia, was

open for prayers on Thanksgiving Day, though no special services

are planned until members return from holiday travel.

In Irving, Texas, Rajyam Rao went to the D/FW Hindu Temple

Society ``to say a little prayer,'' as she puts it. She was born in

Mumbai and used to work across from the Taj Mahal hotel, which was


She says she's both sad and shocked.

According to census figures, there are about 2.5 million people

of Indian descent in the United States.