Fugitive File: David Butler

Two counties are after him for two different alleged crimes.  Amarillo Police are now enlisting your help in finding him.

Take a close look at David Rufus Butler.

He is wanted out of both Randall and Potter counties. Cpl. Sean Slover says, "he has two warrants, 1 felony warrant for burglary and a felony warrant for a parole violation."

We are told Butler's parole violation stems from a drug charge. But he is not the only one authorities have their eye on.

Slover says, "we're still looking for Paul Bonner, and Karen Mitchell, we also want Michael Dale Hutton, he has an outstanding warrant, several of them, for forgery."

Hutton is also wanted for alleged burglary.

Bonner is wanted for allegedly forging checks. And Mitchell is believed to be half of a duo who robbed a sporting goods store.

If you have any information on him or any of the other fugitives we have featured, you are asked to call Amarillo Crime Stoppers at 374-4400.

Information leading to an arrest is worth up to $300.

You've seen them featured on NewsChannel 10's Fugitive File. Now, area police need your help locating these individuals, and there could be a cash reward for any information leading to an arrest.