Thanksgiving With The Salvation Army

Major Tim Grider
Major Tim Grider

More people are being served this Thanksgiving at the Amarillo Salvation Army than ever before.

650 people were served at the Salvation Army's 105th Thanksgiving meal this afternoon, about 50 more than last years turnout.

The Major says the economy and a lack of local jobs are causing more families to face hard times. Each person I spoke with today was enjoying their first Thanksgiving with The Salvation Army.

Guest Jamie Lyons says, "Our house got evicted and everything and so we have to live here in the shelter and this is out first time here to have thanksgiving."

Guest Amy Nichols says, "It's the biggest family I've ever had! "With the weather getting colder Major Tim Grider says there are concerns they will be able to accommodate the growing needs.

"There is that concern of are we ready to handle all the needs that are going to be, so we're really relying on the community to be sure to help us when we cry out to them."

But many of those served today say they do not plan to need assistance for long. Nichols says, "I probably will come back as a volunteer, I don't want to stay here I'd like to get my own place and get my life back on straight."

Lyons says, "I will thank them for that later on."

Grider says he is most proud of the youth who are stepping up to make a difference and the youth say they are just as happy to help.

Volunteer Campbell Cooksey says, "It's kind of sad for what they are going through but they are going to have a good time today and they are going to get alot of food."

Eight year old Volunteer Blake Manning says, "Because it just feels like you're helping out a family member in need."

The Salvation Army served 60 turkeys, stuffing, mashed potatoes, vegetables, rolls, and plenty of dessert.  There was plenty of help this Thanksgiving. More than 100 volunteers pitched in throughout the day to make the holiday special for others.