Dalhart Celebrates the Gift of Giving

It's week seven and people in Dalhart are working to make a tan house, on the intersection of 5th St and Hillcrest ave, a special home.

It's a project they call a "Divine Home Makeover."

"That kind of makes you kind of live by faith when you know that they are going to tear your house down and you're going to be homeless for a while," said Stormy Bosell.

A Christian group called "The Hands and Feet of Christ" is building a new home for Stormy, Linda and their six adoptive children.

The Bosells are living in a rental home until the final reveal, which is about two weeks away. As the clock ticks down, more people are coming out to help.

"It's had really good response from all over the community and from areas around also. We have had contractors from Amarillo and from all around we've had people come to help," said Dyke Rodgers, one of the project managers.

In addition, several area business donated building materials for the makeover project. Others donated their time, painting and hanging doors, to make a long-time wish come true.

"My greatest desire and wish would be to have Jimmy a space for himself," Linda Bosell said. "Where you know he could be self-sufficient, but we would be there if he needed it."

Jimmy Ray, 9, suffers from cerebral palsy and autism. The contractors made the home handicapped accessible and installed a special shower for his needs.

But the greatest addition, volunteers say, is the square footage.

"Just the space and the openness and everything they can accomplish with the kids here," said Kimberly Scott, who volunteered to help paint. "It's just tremendous. The whole thing is just a neat deal."

The entire project cost about $175,000. But the Bosells say you can't put a price on this gift.

"I don't know if we can ever express enough thank yous to what our community and other communities have reached out and done for us," said Linda Bosell. "It's amazing. It's absolutely amazing."

The Bosells will walk into their new 4 bed/4 bath home on Sunday, Dec. 14. Everyone is invited to come out and celebrate with the Dalhart community.