Busy Night for Bars

Kim Kemp, Hoots Bar
Kim Kemp, Hoots Bar
Jeff Sherrill, Buffalo Wild Wings
Jeff Sherrill, Buffalo Wild Wings

Thanksgiving Eve is one of the busiest nights of the year for many local bars.

Thanksgiving Eve only ranks behind New Years Eve, Saint Patrick's Day, and Christmas Eve in sales for the local establishments I spoke with today.  So if you plan to go out tonight, expect a crowd.

Wether it is to take a break from the family, visit with old friends, or unwind before the festivities begin local bars are keeping busy."

Donna Deleon of Whisky River says, "We'll double the revenue."

Kim Kemp of Hoots Bar says, "I think we'll do two or three times of what we normally do."

Jeff Sherrill of Buffalo Wild Wings says, "I'd say we double."

To accommodate the crowds bartenders are stocking up on their products and bringing in extra help.

"Cause you never know with out of town people what they're going to drink so we're well stocked, we're ready," say Deleon.

Kemp says, "You never want to run out of things so yeah we stocked up for this week."

"I'm probably going to beef up about 50% more than we normally would," says Sherrill.

One local bar has its own tradition of bringing thanksgiving to its regular customers who have no where else to celebrate. Kemp says, "We all kinda just pitch in and try to have food up here for the regulars because without them we wouldn't have a bar."

Bartenders says it is people between the ages of 21 to 35 who are most likely to visit their bar.

several bars around the city will be open tomorrow.  If you are planning to eat,be prepared to wait.