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Home Security For The Holidays

Dale Elliot,  Allstate Security Dale Elliot, Allstate Security
Sergeant Brent Barbee, Amarillo Police Department Sergeant Brent Barbee, Amarillo Police Department

People continue to make the same security mistakes when it comes to locking their home for the holidays.

One out of every ten homes in the nation is expected to be burglarized this year, according to Amarillo police. About half of all home burglaries are committed without force. Police say protecting your home does not have to be costly but cheap and easy. It is as simple as locking the doors and turning on the lights to prevent thieves from busting in the door and costing thousands of dollars in damages and loss. Allstate Security President Dale Elliot says it's an all to common occurrence. "A lot of times what you find is a hundred dollar burglary covered up by a hundred thousand dollar arson. They steal a little and burn the place to cover their trail, " Elliott said. Sergeant Brent Barbee with the Amarillo Police Department says thieves have different methods to check to see if you are home. The most common... "Most burglaries we've seen are knock in the front kick in the back. Knock on the front door see if anyone answers and then will go to the back and make entry there, Sgt Barbee explains.

With several different tools to deter burglaries, such as locks, lights and TV's. There is still no guarantee your home is completely safe, according to authorities.  "There is no guarantee... If there were my armed uniformed officers would not have caught 736 burglars in the last 33 years and that was with alarms, " Elliott said. Sergeant Barbee agree there is no fail proof way to prevent home burglaries. "Do they guarantee you won't get broke into..no, nothing will guarantee it but they're a part of the overlay overlapping system use to protect your self," Sgt. Barbee said. With no guarantee both say protecting your property with a simple deterrent such as having someone watch your home, or stop mail service and use light timers. Are all ways you can give yourself peace of mind this season.

Sixty percent of all home burglaries happen during the day, according to the National Crime Prevention Council. The Amarillo Police Department offers a free home security inspection just by calling their offices at 378-4257.

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