Ways to Deal with Deer Overpopulation

Danny Swepston, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.
Danny Swepston, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Mule deer season just opened and more counties have been added to curtail over population in the northern Panhandle.

Sherman and Hansford counties are now able to hunt mule deer but the parks and wildlife department says there's a growing problem with a different breed.

White tail deer are even more over populated and there is a proposal to increase bag limits from 3 deer to 5 deer for next hunting season.

"The White Tail population has increased significantly in the Panhandle. And in some cases we're actually seeing decline in habitat from too many deer," said Danny Swepston, a biologist with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

They are considering bag limit changes for almost two dozen counties in our viewing area.

And unlike other parts of the state they would raise the limit on does.

They Texas Parks and Wildlife Department would like public input on this issue.