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Encouraging Eating Disorders

Dr. Kaye Renshaw Dr. Kaye Renshaw
Jeff A. has been recovering for nearly two years Jeff A. has been recovering for nearly two years

Step by step instructions on how to be bulemic and anorexic.... More websites than ever are appearing online encouraging eating disorders. Type in "how to be anorexic" in Google and you'll see first hand just how many websites promoting eating disorders are out there.... We found more than fifty.

They call her Ana... To some she is a hero, to others a goddess of sorts... It's short for anorexia and her websites have a cult-like following. You can log on to find everything from 57 reasons not to eat to step by step instructions on how to lose thirty pounds in fifty days. You can even see photos of people labeled as "thinspiration". Dr. Kaye Renshaw says it's all about remaining anonymous, but still meeting others just like you. "It's so I can identify myself with you even though I'm never going to meet you. I'm never going to have an emotional relationship with you. Somehow if there's somebody else out there like me makes it okay." When you hear anorexia and bulemia, most think of female teenagers in high school. But, it's affecting everyone from kids on the playground... "We're seeing kids as young as grade school" to folks in the nursing home... "My oldest patient is in her 70s."

Jeff A, who asked us to keep his last name anonymous, is living proof girls aren't the only ones who are affected. "I've been bulemic since I was about 31 years old and I'm 52 now." He calls websites like these a travesty, but admits to engaging in some of their recommended behaviors. "I would eat five or six thousand calories and then there were days when I severely restrict myself and would eat 1000 calories." He cautions those who worship the one they call Ana. "It's all a lie. It's just a downward spiral." Jeff has been recovering for nearly two years, but says life won't ever be easy again. "It's like alcohol or a drug addiction. The temptation is always there. It's something that will never go away." Jeff recently started an Eating Disorders Anonymous group... For more information, you can contact Jeff at (806) 356-0795 or email him at amarilloeda@yahoo.com.

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