Mike Huckabee Visits Amarillo

Mike Huckabee was in Amarillo yesterday, both as a guest and a guest speaker. Mike Huckabee talked to the congregation of Quail Creek Church yesterday. His message was inspiring and talked about how the government isn't going to change unless we make a change in ourselves.

We asked Mr. Huckabee what his family's holiday traditions were. He told us that his family has the traditional turkey. On Christmas Eve his family attends their church's Christmas Eve service. After the service the family eats Chinese food.

We also talked music, we asked him if he was going to buy CD's would he choose Snoop Dog or Willie Nelson? He is a fan of Wille. His band Capital Offense opened for Willie. Mr. Huckabee thinks Willie is great.

After the service, it was busy for Huckabee. You could buy his book and he would sign it for you. We walked through the book line. He remembered our name and said thank you again for coming.

Stan Coffee, Pastor of the Quail Creek Church and Huckabee met when Coffee was preaching in Arkansas. They became friends and still are today. In 2003 Mike was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. He lost 110 pounds and has completed 4 marathons.