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"What It Takes: The Amarillo Police Academy" - Pepper Spray Episode 18

Cadet Graham Cadet Graham
Cadet Finsterwald Cadet Finsterwald
Cadet Johnson Cadet Johnson
Cadet Howard Cadet Howard

Pepper spray can normally take a subject down.. But the same isn't true for officers who would have to keep fighting if they get sprayed accidentally in the field.

It's a direct hit... Pepper spray to the face, and then engaging in a short fight with batons.

Cadet Graham described it for us, "As soon as it hits you, it kind of shocks you back a little bit, and your eyes just slam shut."

"Feels like someone taking a jalapeno or habanero and throwing it in your eye with a bunch of sand, that's what it feels like and the hardest part is keeping your eyes open." Cadet Finsterwald says.

Cadet Johnson says, "It didn't affect me at first. But then you had to take off running and pick up a baton and that is when it started getting in the eyes and started burning and once it starts burning it's over."

While the pain starts to subside after rinsing the chemical off, the effects can be with a person for a while.

The training will help them in the field though if they do catch some of the spray while trying to take down a suspect.

Cadet Johnson says, "After this training it , yea I will be prepared and know how to handle myself."

This isn't the last of the pain, they may have made it through the gas, and now the spray... But they still have to get tazed.

Watch the raw footage of pepper spraying by clicking the video above this story.

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