Bail Jumpers: Jasper Moore & Christopher Cardenas

A convicted drug dealer and suspect wanted for possessing an illegal firearm are on the run in the Amarillo area.

The search is on for two suspects that bond agents and police say pose a safety threat to the San Jacinto area. Forcing bond agents to take action turning to the community asking for any information locating this week's Bail Jumpers.

Bond agent Ron Green is worried that convicted felon, 30 year old Christopher Cardenas is back on the streets selling drugs after skipping court for bad checks back in August. "People like that we need to get off the streets because not only are they stealing but dealing drugs. And drug dealers have no heart.. They will sell to kids sell to any body they can peddle their substance to, " Green said.

The longer he avoids court, the harsher the penalty may be for Cardenas. "It snowballs and what that they'll do with that after they pick him up. I have no idea, but he could go to prison, " Green said.

Another Bail Jumper hiding out in the same area is Jasper Kornelius Moore who is facing charges for carrying an illegal weapon. "If somebody made a threatening gesture to him.he could most definitely be a threat because he could take a weapon and hurt someone very badly, " Green said.

Leaving Green with little sympathy for Moore and Cardenas. "No sympathy what so ever. If you can't show up for court... You can't take care of your business you don't deserve sympathy, " he said.

If you have any information on this week's Bail Jumpers call Allstate Bail Bonds at 379-6699.