Thanksgiving Dinner Costing You More This Year

Preparing a meal for your family on Thanksgiving is now more expensive than ever. The American Farm Bureau estimates the price of all your basic Thanksgiving food has gone up5.6% since last year. Pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and of course turkey, all things likely to grace your table this Thursday. And whether you're cooking for a small group or hosting a large get-together, one thing is for sure:  it's going to cost you more this year to do it.

Let's talk turkey. Thanksgiving dinner will cost you about $2.35 more this year. While this doesn't sound like a lot of money, take this into consideration. Prices went up just a dollar last year and just a dollar in 2006 as well. Those numbers are based on feeding a family of ten. It's Thanksgiving's king, the turkey himself, that will put the biggest dent in your wallet. I bought a 22 pound turkey this year, a pretty big one. A sixteen pound turkey will cost you 19 dollars and nine cents this year. You would have paid 17 dollars and 63 cents for the same bird just last year.

There are more of your Thanksgiving favorites now come with a steeper price tag. Stuffing has gone up 17 cents. You'll pay 21 cents more for a can of pumpkin pie filling. Hope you enjoy that cranberry sauce, it's going to cost you twenty six cents more this year to make it.

Jane Clemence isn't letting the rising prices keep her from enjoying the holiday. "I don't pay that much attention to them to be honest. This is the one time of year when it doesn't matter. It's the one day we can go all out." Not all is lost though, good news if you're still hoping to gobble up a good Thanksgiving deal. Dairy prices have dropped significantly since last year.